We Started Collective to Challenge the Status Quo


After nearly a decade working in industries like tech, media, education, and finance, our founding team members were disillusioned by traditional workplace culture where important identities and perspectives were being overlooked (sound familiar?). In 2017, we came together with a passion and readiness to change the world of work. Leveraging our lived experiences as underrepresented talent in the workplace, we knew we could utilize our professional and academic backgrounds to help companies address the common problems hindering their diversity efforts.

Enter Collective, a DEI consultancy and research lab that is shifting how millennial-driven organizations build, engage, and retain diverse teams in today’s workforce. Led by founder and tech veteran Kellie Wagner, we take a bold approach to building inclusion into the foundation of organizations, using a holistic blend of comprehensive data and an emphasis on the human experience. We believe in true partnerships that amplify marginalized voices and drive sustainable change.

The journey is hard, but we’ve got your back.


 Our Mission


We are on a mission to redefine the way people work by harnessing the power of difference. We partner with change-makers to weave inclusion and equity into the fabric of forward-thinking companies, because empowered humans create smarter teams, stronger communities, and real innovation.


Our Approach

We’re over stuffy trainings and ineffective videos that do little but make people cringe (you know the type). We approach DEI in a fresh way and are committed to creating real, sustainable change — vanity metrics are no good to us, or to you.

Whether it’s building out a DEI strategy or getting a pulse on your culture, we believe in a few core tenets when it comes to our work: honest partnership above all else, human-centric is better than data-centric, and change stems from short-term tactical wins and true personal transformation.



We’re More of a
Long-Term Relationship

If you’re looking for a quick fix, you won’t find it here. We value long-term partnerships over one-and-done solutions, since we know this work is ever evolving and never one-size-fits-all. We work with clients who want to build from a solid foundation, so we really get to know them — we immerse ourselves in their employee experience to create a strategic and customized plan that goes beyond high-level recommendations.

We’re Human Centered

Your employees are more than a data point, so we do more than just check the boxes. We use a holistic blend of quantitative data and qualitative research because we know a human approach lets us work towards meaningful change. We love a good statistic, but insights become most effective when they’re coupled with the power of listening. Being tuned in to what a team needs to feel empowered and productive is the ticket to working through DEI challenges, so we focus on amplifying marginalized voices across organizations. Leveraging these authentic insights makes all the difference.


We’re Tactical and Transformative

We’re the first to admit this is challenging work, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we use Heifetz’s framework of Adaptive and Technical Leadership to keep us grounded, informing the services we offer and the way we work with our clients. We can tackle important technical problems, providing tools and building skills to shift how things are done to minimize bias — but we can’t stop there. When we confront adaptive challenges, we’re taking the next step towards a larger shift in how we think about and challenge our biases. Both technical and adaptive work can have a multi-dimensional impact from individual to institutional, so we’re intentional in the ways our work touches people, companies, and broader systems. We believe the intersection of all these forces is necessary for progress.